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Learning is Exactly What We Do

At Media Moguls our highly skilled team is trained to find (often extremely intricate) information and analyze it quickly in order to disceminate it accuratelty.

Large Team of Investigators and Analysts

We have a large team of people to help you get to the root of the matter as quickly as possible. The most complex of projects can be completed in record timing.

Impressive Collection of Tools

While our most valued assets are the people in our firm, your project also benefits from the latest technology and people that know how to use it to your advantage.

Looking for complex software? Learn more about our our new software vetting department.

We take your needs to the top developers with every question necessary to ensure success.

Retainer Accounts Multiple Orders

Placed on retainer, Media Moguls can fulfill vetting, research or data mining tasks at a savings.

  • Data Mining
  • Reputation Screening
  • Means and Methods

Data Mining involves gathering large amounts of data from several sources and translating it into logical, understandable bytes of information.


Need to know comes into play when partnering, merging, hiring or contracting in projects and companies that require an added layer of security in the process.


Be the information online or on the street, Media Moguls has means and methods of finding your facts and filling you in quickly and accurately.