A Facebook Page Created From the Ground up with a Kickstart - to Showcase your Very Best 

Benefit From a Facebook Business Page that has All the Right Stuff

Media Moguls sets your page up with custom banners, logos and even some followers. 

From your own website or letterhead we'll generate a logo and look for your Facebook Business Page that matches your look and feel. We also set up the format to what best suits your type of business, eliminating tabs that you don't want showing and including those you do. 

Your Facbeook Kickstart Maximum Advantage

  • It's all done for you and your added as a publisher
  • Banners and Profile shot based on your Logo and Looks
  • 1000 Followers so you don't look lonely out there
  • 5 well phrased endorsements giving you a 5Star rating
  • We add you as a publisher so you can manage your posts
  • Check in regularly for your Facebook Analytics


Order your Media Moguls Facebook Social Media Kickstart

We'll contact you regarding your logo and other customizations/information required to produce the most advantageous page for your business. You're handed the keys to post and manage the page once your first 1000 Followers and first 5 reviews have been completed. 


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