Lead Generating pages that get names to your list, addresses to your newsletter, downloads of your samples:

Entice people with those "big business" offerings without ever having to edit your site.

Media Moguls fully hosted lead generating pages offer you unlmited opportunity for traffic and analytics.

Have as many lead generating pages and offering types as you like! No need to add software for collecting names, addresses, opinions or downloadable documents, we'll create and host your working page, collect your data and send your leads right to you. 

All you need to do is tell us what kind lead genertation you want to entice traffic with; we'll get it out there and monitor your success. 

Advantage of Media Moguls Lead Generating Pages:

  • No site editing necessary
  • Delivers leads based on your offering
  • Delivers analtics to your email 
  • Run as many as you like, simultaniously
  • Each page runs for one month
  • Enjoy warm leads effortlessly 

When it comes to Lead Generating Pages, the look, feel and pitch are the difference between signup and bypass 

Recipe Download 
Tip and Trick page
Product coupon
Selfie contest
Give away countdown
Sample of your book
Photo Contest
Free Newsletter
Take Reservations
Offer an app
Ask for Help
Make Appointments

Get Fresh Leads! Order your Media Moguls hosted Lead Generating Page

We'll contact you regarding your Lead Generating Page type and what message to apply to the pitch once your order is processed. Your analytics are delivered to your email on file once the Lead Generating Page has completed a one month cycle. 


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